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Old Pond Renovation to Ecosystem Pond



Project: Old Pond Renovation to an Ecosystem Pond 

Brief: Our clients had an old leaky pond which had been neglected for many years. It was a bare liner concrete pond which had numerous leaks and was described as an ‘eyesore’ by the owners. They wanted to convert this pond into a low-maintenance Ecosystem Pond which would be a home to lots of wildlife and provide something natural and beautiful to look at. They also wanted the size of the pond reducing as it was too large.

Length of Project: 5 Days

Budget: £7,000

More Information

This unique project saw the team convert a leaking bare-liner concrete pond into a natural looking low maintenance Ecosystem Pond with a small stream and waterfall – all within one week. 

(Image of Before) 

The first step of this transformation involved a lot of demolition. The previous pond was built from breeze blocks and lots of concrete which needed to be removed. Once the pond was stripped back we needed to fill in half the pond in order to reduce it to a more manageable size as per the client’s request. We used this time to shape the pond into shelves or ‘steps’. This allowed us to create a safe way for wildlife to enter and exit the pond as well as providing correct planting depth for the marginal plants. 

This also gave us time to work out the position of the Skimmer Box and Biofalls, which is our filtration system for Ecosystem Ponds and the main reason why they are such low maintenance. Once these are in place and connected, we then line the pond using 1mm EPDM pond liner with lifetime guarantee as well as premium underlay and overlay to protect it as next we will be ‘rocking the pond’ as part of our process. 

With the overlay protecting the liner then comes the artistic part of building the pond using natural rockery stones, Scottish Cobbles and Pebbles and gravel aggregates. On this project we ensured lots of habitat hides and gaps in the rocks to provide safe spaces for all aquatic wildlife. At this stage we also work on creating the stream coming from the Biofalls into the pond which will provide the soothing sound of flowing water to the pond. A couple of marginal plants were added to the planting pockets and we are ready to fill the pond. Due to the cold time of year, we built this pond then decided to return in Spring the following year to finalize the aquatic planting. 

Once we finished our edging work, the pond project is complete and we can turn on the pump to see the stream flow. The clients were extremely happy with the transformation and finally own a pond they can be proud of and enjoy. 

Customer Review

Dear Josh & Simon, thanks for your incredibly hard work transforming our old pond. We have certainly enjoyed having you working in our garden and very much appreciate your friendly approach and especially the end result.

We will enjoy the gentle calming effect of the running, tumbling water. We also look forward to seeing you in the spring and the planting of this area.

Brian & Joyce (Ripon)


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