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Medium Pondless Waterfall with Planted Rockery in Wetherby



Project: Medium Pondless Waterfall with planted rockery area

Brief: Our clients wanted a natural style water feature close to their patio area. They loved our Pondless Waterfeatures and decided to allow us full creative control to convert their blank lawn area into a natural oasis for wildlife using a Pondless Waterfall and Planted Rockery area.

Length of Project: 3 days

Budget: £6,000

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This exciting project gave our team the chance to get creative with a blank canvas, transforming the space into a natural haven for wildlife using Water, Rockery and Plants.

The first step of the project was to mark out the entire area we had to work with. Then within this marker we established the length and shape of the pondless waterfall. It was our medium pondless so we had up to 5m of stream length to play with.

We began by excavating the reservoir area by hand using shovels. We dug out space to bury the pump vault and the aquablox (water storage blocks) underground. This is the end point of the pondless water feature where it looks like the water disappears into a pebble beach area.

We used the excavated soil to build up an elevation and then shaped this into ‘steps’ which would later form the waterfalls. We created pooling areas along the stream so that birds and wildlife have nice areas to bathe and drink from.

We line the reservoir and stream separately using premium underlayment and overlay to allow safe addition of rockery to the stream. Then our creativity is given free reign as we use the gorgeous Welsh Glacial Boulders to create the shape of the stream. Each rock is unique and the waterfalls and stream creation is a fluid process dictated by the shape and characteristics of the rocks we get.

The energy efficient water feature pump is plumbed up to an elevated spillway box which marks the start of the Water Feature. The spillway box is hidden and blended in using rocks to create the natural look of the feature which we are known for. In fact, all liner and pipework is hidden from view with our features as our main focus is to replicate a natural stream.

The stream and pool areas are decorated using Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles and we installed a illumination package which will light up the feature at night using three underwater LEDs.

Due to the rural location of the project, we were able to use some locally sourced wood in the stream design which helped naturalise the stream and also provided a nice barrier which allowed us to add a bog planting area into the feature.

The final day was spent creating the rockery area and planting a lovely mix of wildlife friendly plants all around the feature.

Our clients were really impressed by the transformation and love to spend time outside on their patio enjoying the relaxing sounds and sights of their Pondless Waterfall.

Customer Review

Josh and his team have been busy over the last 3 days, and have produced for us a wonderful pondless waterfall. Their expertise and attention to detail is second to none. They really listen to what you would like as a water feature and make it just unique to you and your garden. They have worked so hard in all weathers and the final result is just fantastic. We will get so much enjoyment from our beautiful pondless waterfall, that has transformed our garden greatly! We would highly recommend Josh and his team to anyone who is thinking of having a water feature in their garden, you will definitely not be disappointed. Thank you so much Josh and team.

Angela & Mark (Wetherby)


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