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Medium Pondless Waterfall with planted gravel garden in Bardsey


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Project: Medium Pondless Waterfall with Planted Gravel Garden 

Brief: Our client wanted a low-maintenance water feature in the area of the garden next to their main seating and viewing area. They loved the idea of a Pondless waterfall – a natural looking stream with with waterfalls that requires much less maintenance than a pond. The clients also wanted this to be enjoyed at night with and illumination package. Lastly, a planting package that provided colour and attracted wildlife as well as a gravel garden, rather than soil, which requires less maintenance.

Length of Project: 4 Days

Budget: £6,000 – £7,000

More Information

This incredible project saw the team transform a plain lawned area of the garden into a natural paradise with a Medium Pondless Waterfall and illumination package, premium gravel and wildlife-friendly planting. 

To start this project, we marked out the area for our 5m long Pondless Waterfall including where the reservoir will be dug. The first step was then to remove all the turf from this area.

We then moved our focus to the preparation for the Pondless waterfall. We dug the reservoir where the water for the system is hidden underground and used the soil to raise the back corner of this area creating elevation for the stream and waterfalls. 

With the reservoir dug we lined it with premium geotextile undelay, 1mm EPDM pond liner and a layer of overlay. We then sit the Aquablox (water storage blocks) onto these which allow us to create a reservoir of water and also put aggregate on top to hide it. This creates a ‘pebble beach’ effect which keeps our projects looking natural. 

Then we shape the elevation to create the basis for our stream. We shape it into steps and then line the stream in the same way as the reservoir with underlay and overlay to protect the liner. 

The clients on this project chose to use the premium Welsh Glacial Boulders which are stunning and a pleasure to work with – each one is unique and full of character. Creating the stream is the fun and artistic part of the process. We aim to replicate nature and use our knowledge of how water cuts through the rock to form streams and waterfalls to help inspire all our builds. Using the Glacial boulders along with specialist waterfall foam we created a natural looking stream with waterfalls and a beach area at the end where the water enters the reservoir to be recirculated but the pump. 

The clients wanted our illumination packaged so we set up their underwater lights in the stream which come on automatically in the dark and turn themselves off after a pre-set time. 

Our plant specialist picked out a lovely planting package to attract wildlife and remain low maintenance so we began on the next step to gravel the area using weed-membrane and Flamingo Gravel and then adding the plants and a few ‘feature’ boulders. 

The entire project was a visually stunning transformation and in such a short time too. The clients were over the moon with the outcome and look forward to spending much more time outside now that they have a relaxing area to enjoy. The sound of the Pondless is the main draw as they find it very soothing to sit and listen to. 

Customer Review

JJosh and his team have been busy over the last 3 days and have produced for us a wonderful pondless waterfall. Their expertise and attention to detail is second to none. They really listen to what you would like as a water feature and make it just unique to you and your garden. They have worked so hard in all weathers & the final result is just fantastic. We will get so much enjoyment from our beautiful pondless waterfall and it has transformed our garden greatly. We would highly recommend Josh and his team to anyone who is thinking of having a water feature in their garden, you will definitely not be disappointed. Thank you so much Josh and team!



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