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Large Ecosystem Pond in Guiseley



Project: Large Ecosystem Pond with Stream & Waterfalls

Brief: Our client wanted a nature-inspired low maintenance pond approximately 5m x 7m with a stream incorporated. They planned to keep fish (goldfish) and attract lots of aquatic wildlife. Secondly, the clients wanted the soothing sounds of flowing water to create a relaxing sensory area of their garden for them to enjoy. 

Length of Project: 7 Days

Budget: £12,000 – £15,000

More Information

This exciting new pond build project saw the team transform a previously blank and unused corner of the garden into a beautiful nature-inspired Large Ecosystem Pond along with a stream, waterfalls and aquatic planting. 

We started the project by marking out the size and shape of the pond, stream and waterfalls. Digger Dan then got to work in the excavator to dig the basic pond depths and allow for us to get in and use shovels to shape the pond into ‘steps’. We do this for a number of reasons, to allow for correct marginal planting depths, to create a safe entry and exit to the pond for wildlife, animals or people, and it ensures flat surfaces as we use rocks and pebbles in the pond as part of The Ecosystem Filtration. 

Once the pond is properly shaped, we locate the areas for the Skimmer Box and the Biofalls and get these plumbed up. These are the filtration system for the pond and the reason that the pond is low maintenance. The next step is then to add the pond liner. We use premium quality geotextile underlay to prevent roots, rocks or animals piercing the liner. The liner used is also of the best quality around, typically 1mm EPDM or Rubber liner with a lifetime guarantee. Finally, a layer of overlay is placed on the liner to ensure it is very safe to begin ‘rocking the pond’. 

This is the artistic part of the job and what makes our projects stand out. Using natural boulders, rocks and Scottish pebbles and cobbles we try to replicate what we see in water in nature. The rocking stage also allows us to create fish caves (places for the fish to hide from predators) and habitat hides in the rocks for other aquatic wildlife. In this project we used two lovely flat boulders to create a large cave for the fish to hide in as herons have been seen in the area. Planting pockets are also created to allow us to plant marginal and deep-water plants later on in the build. Once the sides are rocked, we distribute Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles along the flat surfaces of the pond which provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria – this is all part of the Ecosystem Filtration. 

The creation of the stream is an artistic process again where we look to replicate nature. We use our knowledge of how water cuts through rock to create streams and waterfalls, and adapt this to our projects. We created a number of split waterfalls on this project which created a unique and relaxing sound when running down and entering the pond. Aquatic plants were planted into the pockets we created throughout the pond and conditioned water was added to fill the pond. 

Finally, we completed the edging which involved hiding all the liner and creating a natural looking pond edge blended into the surroundings using plants, rocks, pebbles and aggregates. The pond pump used requires 1 plug so we had our electrical contractors set up a weatherproof double socket on the fence nearby and the pond was ready to go. We briefed the customers on how to empty the skimmer box which is really easy to do and the only maintenance that is needed. 

We were incredibly proud of this project and the results were beyond the clients’ expectations. We’ll continue to maintain their pond and can’t wait to see the plants mature and their fish and wildlife flourish!

Customer Review

“As the very proud ‘owners’ of this pond, we would like to thank Josh, Simon and team for making our pond dream come true with the amazing transformation of this boring corner of our garden into the fantastic eco system pond in the photos. We can’t recommend Yorkshire Aquascapes enough for their dedication, skill & bloomin’ hard work. They didn’t stop all week and consulted us every step of the way so thank you. 

Alison & Paul (Guiseley)


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